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8 Week MSC for Men, On Line with Jonathan Ward

For a long time I have wanted to offer a course that is just for men (like the hair dye as someone pointed out!)

Why just for men? There is something uniquely powerful in meeting as a group of men,  a shared safe space where the hope is that we may find our common humanity in our experience.

According to the research of Brené Brown, the one thing that men don’t want to be perceived  as is “weak”.  Men are expected to be strong, confident and  productive. What happens when you don’t meet these expectations?

In the ever changing demands and shifting expectations of modern society, men today can experience the challenge of navigating their way through unknown and tricky waters. The known notions of masculinity: the strong silent man or not showing any emotions, no longer serve most men. Instead, these perhaps outdated ideas of masculinity,  are now the breeding ground for shame, anxiety, and feelings of alienation. The outcomes of this can lead to relationship problems, workplace difficulties, substance abuse, anger and depression.

How, as men, can we meet our shifting role in society?

Research now clearly shows how self compassion, the capacity to accept ourselves as we are and meet whatever arises with kindness rather than self criticism, can support the challenges we face, not just as men, but as humans in connection with others.

I sincerely hope that there will be demand for this course as it is needed so much.

  • We will meet on Monday evenings from 6pm – 8.30pm starting on 6th March and ending on 1st May Each session will be 2.5  hours. The session on Saturday 15th April will be a 4  hour retreat.

What will you get from this course:


      • A move towards being with and overcoming feelings of isolation, failure and not belonging through the experience of our common humanity, both as men and as humans
      • Discovering the middle way between the extremes of harsh self criticism and complete surrender which can lead to more joy, satisfaction with life and professional and personal achievement
      • Learning a new way of talking to yourself, a kinder inner voice, an inner champion, an ally that can encourage and motivate us more that self criticism ever can
      • The empirically-validated practice of mindfulness can help us develop a more productive and comfortable relationship with our thoughts and emotions
      • The course will consist of meditation practices, exercises and group discussions that will support the learning of resilience, inner strength and self-compassion


  • The training programme written by Kristen Neff PhD and Christopher Germer PhD, is empirically supported and research suggests that Self-Compassion is strongly associated with emotional wellbeing, less anxiety, depression and stress and it helps us to cultivate healthy choices and habits, including exercise, self-care, diet, listening to and acting on our needs and improved relationships with others.


  • You do not need any previous experience of meditation or mindfulness, but more a courageous and willing intention.  Being in a group setting allows us to find the common humanity, to discover that what we think and feel is often much the same as what others think and feel. This can bring relief, connection and greater acceptance of our perceived shortcomings.


  • MSC isn’t therapy, but is IS therapeutic.  The course is beautifully structured to guide us through this journey together and although it can be challenging at times, we support each other to build a more loving relationship with ourselves and an easier space to inhabit in the world.


“A moment of self-compassion can change your entire day. A string of such moments can change the course of your life.” 

Christopher K. Germer

The full cost of the course is £295. If this is unaffordable, please do be in touch as concession rates are available.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information..  I look forward to hearing from you.


These are the dates.

06.03 ~ 6pm ~ 8.30pm

13.03 ~ 6pm ~ 8.30pm

20.03 ~ 6pm ~ 8.30pm 

27.03 ~ 6pm ~ 8.30pm 

03.04 ~ 6pm ~ 8.30pm

Break for Easter

15.04 ~ 10 -14.00 (Saturday Retreat)

17.04 ~ 6pm ~ 8.30pm

24.04 ~ 6pm ~ 8.30pm

01.05 ~ 6pm ~ 8.30pm

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