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8 Week MSC Online, with Liz Walker and Barbara Payman

How amazing would you feel if you weren’t tormented by your negative thoughts?

Do you wake up dreading the day? Anxiety raging in your head or depression dragging you into the depths of despair…?

Do you wake up with a nagging voice judging you before you’ve even opened your eyes? “Why did you push the snooze button?” “Now you’re late already!!!” “You’re such an idiot!”

Do you wish you could just shut it off or at least turn the volume down?

We know how you feel.

We have lived this too.

The pain of feeling like a failure no matter how hard you try.

Constantly wishing that your life was different.

Hating yourself for not being better; smarter, stronger, prettier, richer, thinner, more successful….

Let’s be honest – the world is in a pretty bad way right now. It’s exhausting trying to manage in a world of chaos, restrictions, fear-mongering and righteous social judgements. Feeling constantly uncertain and powerless as politicians continue imposing rules and shifting the goal posts so you can’t even plan your life.

It’s crazy. It’s infuriating. It’s suffocating and to be perfectly honest, blimin hard to deal with. All this on top of your everyday challenges – making ends meet, coping with work pressures, caring for family, never mind looking after your body, staying healthy, feeling good about yourself especially when you’re overwhelmed.

Life is hard right now. Keeping your head above water is pretty tough. But why make it any harder by beating yourself up and putting yourself down?

But who’s got time for this fluffy stuff anyway?

We hear you.

Making time for yourself can be really difficult and feel almost impossible.  We all receive many messages, both implicit and explicit that we should always give to others not to ourselves.  That it is selfish if we spend time caring for ourselves.  You may be familiar with the example of ‘taking the oxygen first’ if you have dependents with you when travelling on a plane.  What if we applied this to our everyday life?

If you feel you are not worth 3 hours a week, this course is definately for you!

That vicious voice inside your head that says you’re not worth it can be transformed into a supportive, friendly, caring voice.

You can have a kinder voice inside your head too. 

Now, we can’t change external events, the stresses, pressure and demands of everyday life, but we can tend to your fear, frustration and heartache that these situations bring.

If you want to feel calmer, stronger and more able to cope, we can help!

We have the key to calming your stress, soothing your nerves and building your self-confidence.

Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) can help you.

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Oct 25 2022 - Dec 13 2022


6:30 pm



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