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Living Courageously: 5 Day Teacher Led Online MSC Retreat

Building capacity to live more fully, heartfully and courageously.

This online retreat with Dr. Colette Power and Dr. Caroline Hoffman will explore connection and empowerment through courageous presence. The Retreat begins at 10:00 am British Summer Time and ends by 8.30 pm. Retreat timings are suitable for those in UK, Europe, USA / Canada East Coast.

This retreat will help cultivate the courage to be present whatever our experience or circumstances. It will start by exploring what supports and nourishes presence and equanimity. We will draw upon foundational practices of mindfulness, kindness and tender compassion. We will also be exploring how fierce compassion can support us to protect and motivate ourselves and help us set wise boundaries. Skilfully responding to the ever-changing landscape of our experience, we can learn to embrace whatever is fearful, enabling us to build capacity and live more fully, heartfully and courageously.

To register, please email colette@colettepower.com for a booking form.


Apr 25 - 29 2024


10:00 am - 8:30 pm



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