Mindful Self-Compassion UK

What Makes Your Heart Sing? Forming powerful intentions for 2023 

Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Retreat Day


With Dr Caroline Hoffman and Dr Colette Power



Date: Saturday January 21 2023


Time: 11am – 7pm GMT (equals 6am to 2pm USA East Coast Time)


Cost: £50 British Pounds or $75 US Dollars (concessions available)


The emphasis of this retreat day will be on reorienting to values that give our life meaning and direction. We will formulate clear and powerful intentions for the New Year and identify compassionate actions which will support ourselves, our communities and our world.


The retreat offers space and time to rest, pause, ground and reflect with the support of the practice community. There will be opportunities to reconnect in small groups and to re-energize ourselves through movement. The retreat will also include led mindfulness and self-compassion practices and enquiry.



Jan 21 2023


All Day




In the comfort of your own home