Mindful Self-Compassion skills support a healthy optimum work environment. This approach develops those qualities now included in most competency frameworks : emotional intelligence, communication skills, ability to give effective feedback, capacity to develop others and be a great team player.  Building greater resilience is a core benefit of MSC because it gets to the root of self-criticism that undermines our confidence, engagement and performance. True resilience grows from greater self care, reducing negative self-talk, increasing openness to change and embracing opportunities for growth.

Mindful Self-Compassion in the workplace can be built into 1-1, group and leadership programmes as part of existing trainings or stand alone. Participants increase awareness and attention which brings choice and considered action.  Levels of conflict are reduced as we come to recognise the commonality of difficult experience, reducing confrontation, bringing an ease to relationships and improving team communication.


See Research for more on the impact on wellbeing, stress hardiness and health.

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