The teachers listed here have all completed the Centre for MSC Teacher Training to the level of Trained Teacher. This includes completion of an intensive 6 day residential training and 10 online consultation sessions with experienced teacher trainers during teaching a first course. Trained Teacher status reflects a depth of personal practice, retreat experience, facilitation skills, a knowledge of theory and research and the embodiment of a mindful and compassionate stance that will best support you on your mindful self- compassion journey.

Certified Teachers have taught a minimum of five MSC courses in the 8-week format, had video recordings of an entire course reviewed by an MSC teacher trainer using the MSC version of the MBI:TAC (developed by Bangor, Exeter and Oxford Universities for assessing the competence of mindfulness teachers). Certified MSC Teachers are able to deliver the MSC programme in formats other than 8-weeks (eg 5-day intensive residential programme).

Our register includes teachers-in-training who have recently completed intensive residential teacher training and are now ready to teach their first 8-week MSC course with weekly supervision.

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