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Amber Skyring

Mindfulness Wiltshire

Salisbury, Wiltshire

About Me

My name is Amber Skyring and I established Mindfulness Wiltshire here in Salisbury after 10 years of personal Mindfulness Meditation Practice.
I have studied with the Centre of Mindfulness Research and Practice at the School of Psychology of Bangor University, known Internationally as a Centre of Excellence in Mindfulness Training and have completed 4 years on the Teacher Training Pathway and have been assessed and Certified as a Competent Teacher. I am also a Mindfulness Supervisor for other teachers.

I have also completed specialist training in:

  • Mindfulness For Cancer,
  • Mindfulness in Schools ( .b and .b Foundations)
  • Finding Peace in a Frantic World (for the work place) 
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Mindful Self Compassion


I am currently a Chief Executive for a local charity; but so important is Mindfulness in both my professional and personal life, I have set aside 1 day a week to contiune to teach mindfulness. 
My professional background was for many years working in Local Government as a Senior Manager developing Projects and Services to meet the unmet needs of individuals and local communities. Fueled by my passion for my own sustained mindfulness practice led to a strong heartfelt desire to share it with others and teach. Mindfulness practice is an integral part of my everyday life and it is this combination of practice, advanced study, attendance at Master Workshops & Training Retreats, (in particular Chronic Pain/Cancer/Self Compassion), personal 7 day Silent Retreats, and ongoing Supervision and Mentoring that shapes my teaching practice and my leadership role.


I also specialise in teaching clients who are experiencing or living with Cancer (as a result of experiencing this challenge myself) the Mindfulness for Cancer Course. Through supporting their development of a mindfulness practice, I provide them with new tools and skills to manage and support both their physical and emotional well-being.
I have delivered courses funded by the STARS Appeal at Salisbury District Hospital and  for Wessex Cancer Trust. 

I am also a qualified Personal Development Coach, and as well as working as a Senior Manager  in Local Government and Non-Goverment organisations for over 25 years,  I have a great understanding of work place stress and deliver courses within a work setting, where businesses and organisations are seeking new ways to reduce stress and develop and enhance the personal resilience of their workforce.

I have been teaching since 2013 and offer ongoing support to Graduates once they have completed the 8 week course, through monthly sessions, 1-2-1’s and regular Retreat days/weekends throughout the year.

I offer

Mindfulness Wiltshire based in Salisbury, offers a variety of courses, practise sessions and retreat days including:
    • 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
    • MBCT-ca (Mindfulness for Cancer)
    • Finding Peace in a Frantic World 
    • .b for Teens 11-18yrs which is the Mindfulness in Schools Programme
    • .b Foundation which is an 8 week Mindfulness training for teachers,staff and parents.
    • Monthly practise sessions for graduates
    • Silent Retreat Days for MBSR graduates

Courses Available

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