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Annemette Johnson

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About Me

Dear Friends,
I am a creative compassionate caring individual. I practice what I preach with over 30 years of being in the mind body spirit journey working creatively and as a holistic practitioner.

I trained in the Arts and trained as a shiatsu and traditional oriental medicine practitioner with Paul Lundberg in 1997 and have worked with people suffering amputation of limbs strokes and Multiple sclerosis.

I have worked in Strange ways Prison utilising creativity and in hospitals utilising creativity to people recovering strokes and in care homes for the elderly.

I have worked with people in end of life as a holistic care practitioner .i am a trained mindful self compassion teacher and Mindfulness teacher and Well being coach. Through my own journey of grief and life challenging circumstances, I offer to walk with you empower you and to live life more compassionately and with kindness to yourself.

To be a better friend to yourself .

I offer

  • Online mindful self compassion short or full course
  • Mindfulness one to one

Courses Available

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