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Daniel Tapsell (PgC, CfPAC, MInstLM, Lic.Ac., MBAcC, AKC)
Executive Coach, Mindful Self-Compassion Trainer and Acupuncturist, Associate of King’s College London, postgraduate in Neuroscience: Mindfulness and its Clinical applications.

Dan’s professional interests include resilience, diversity, disability and inclusion and supporting the growth and wellbeing of leaders, clinicians and educators.
Dan has practiced acupuncture for 30+ years both privately and within the NHS.

Dan has over 35 years’ mindfulness experience as a mindfulness practitioner in both Zen and Tibetan lineages, training for extended periods under authentic teachers.

Dan offers in-person and Zoom training for corporate organisations and their employees short courses and individual sessions in Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC).

MSC is mindfulness and compassion training, not simply mindfulness training. It provides tools to develop emotional strength and resilience, allowing individuals to admit their shortcomings, motivate themselves using kindness, and forgive themselves.
MSC teaches core principles and skills that enable participants to respond more effectively to difficult situations and emotions in their lives and with the same compassion and benevolence that they would extend to a dear friend. Compassion is a genuine wish to remove suffering. Self-compassion is neither self-pity nor self-indulgence.

MSC is an empirically supported training programme based on clinical research, demonstrating proven benefits of MSC safely and effectively improving health, enhancing emotional wellbeing, building resilience, reducing anxiety and depression, improving work and home relationships. Research showed benefits are sustained one year after completion of an MSC program.

I offer

  • Zoom and in person: One to one and small group

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