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Helen Golstein

Self-Compassion Coaching


About Me

 I have been coaching for over 20 years & discovering the practice of self-compassion radically changed both how I relate to myself and my work. It’s as if the missing piece of a puzzle was found. Having worked with hundreds of clients over the years, as well as my own experience, I realised that so much of our suffering was created by being so self-critical and unforgiving to ourselves. So regardless of the changes that clients are exploring, their change process is underpinned with self-compassion practices; creating kinder and more sustainable process of change.

My speciality is working with women who have lived much of their lives through the toxicity of diet culture; and witnessing how the practice of self-compassion provides them a much needed healing pathway to reconnect with their worth and become their own best friend once again, never ceases to fill me with joy and gratitude for having discovered self-compassion.

I offer

  • MSC Courses online
  • One to one coaching underpinned with Self-Compassion.

Courses Available

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