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About Raphael Jay Adjani

The Delicious Delight of Living

Raphael Jay Adjani PhD MBACP, is a Certified Teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion, School of Medicine, University of California San Diego experienced in teaching both online and in-person.

Raphael is also:-

Integrative Psychotherapist: utilizing a range of therapeutic modalities, including mindfulness and self-compassion, creative art, dance, play therapy, and ecological processes.

Undertaking LGBTQ+ focused one-to-one therapy as well as teaching mindfulness and compassion based wellness programs for British mental helath organization Rainbow Mind.

Experienced Teacher of other mindfulness and compassion focused programs, such as Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Breathworks courses in Mindfulness for Health (MfH), Mindfulness for Stress (MfS), and Radical Self-Care (Radsec)

In their work as a therapist, life development coach, and teacher of MSC, Raphael is particularly attuned to working with and embracing people from diverse backgrounds across the world.

This diversity embraces but is not limited to: race, ethnicity, color, culture, gender identity, sexual orientation, relationship diversity, disability, and people living at an intersection of several of these.

Supporting this diversity work, Raphael is co-creating mindfulness and compassion focused workshops and courses, They’re Not Like Us, that cultivate Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

Most specifically, Raphael has created and is delivering mindfulness and compassion focused workshops and courses that speak directly to the world of LGBTQ+; as well as activists, and those in caring professions: Embrace Your Self: Empower Your World.

I offer

  • In-person courses
  • Workshops
  • Online courses, including intensives
  • LOMSC the Live Online MSC course for The Center for Mindful Self-Compassion.
  • One-to-one Meditation teacher
  • Focused Mindfulness and Self-Compassion courses and workshops focused for LGBTQ+, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities (BAME), people with Disabilities; those experiencing sexual violence, trauma and addictive behaviour.
  • Consultation for Organisations to evolve DEIB: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.
  • Integrative Psychotherapy incorporating Mindful Self-Compassion, Buddhist Psychology and Transpersonal Psychology
  • Managing Anger and Difficult Emotions – group psychotherapeutic process based on mindfulness and compassion
  • Teacher Training

Courses Available

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