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Amber has been teaching MBSR 8 week course since 2008 and trained at Bangor University, Centre for Mindfulness Research gaining a Certificate of Competency to Teach Mindfulness.  She is also on the UK Teacher Listing and meets the UK Good Practice Guidance for Mindfulness-Based Teachers. Amber has also trained to teach Mindfulness for Cancer with Trish Bartley having personally experienced the challenges this disease can bring.  Amber also delivers the Finding Peace in a Frantic World course having trained with Chris Cullen at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and  .b Mindfulness in Schools. Most recently she is a teacher in training of MSC, having trained with Steve Hickman, Ali Lambie and Vanessa Hope in February 2019. Amber teaches Mindfulness as she believes it is a skill we can learn that can enable us to live our lives more fully, with more presence, kindness and compassion. She does not see it as a tool to 'fix' ourselves but more as a means  to connect with our authentic selves. It doesn't stop us being human with all the challenges  and joys this brings! Amber feels that the Mindful Self Compassion tools can help provide a pathway to explore safely ways to meet ourselves more fully with kindness, gentleness and compassion. Often something that we don't do very willingly or easily! It can, she believes also enable us to bring these same qualities to those whom we share our lives with; family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.  She says learning these skills is both an adventure and a journey. It's a win win experiment! Why wouldn't you give it a go.....?      
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