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I live and breathe MSC!  I love my life more and more, every day, thanks to MSC!  My mission is to share the MSC message with as many people as I can - young and old - around the globe.    I am a Certified MSC Teacher and trained MFY (Making Friends with Yourself) MSC for Teens Teacher.   I am the co-creator of "The Kindness Bands" which I share with my Grads, MSC colleagues and 'pay it forward' to anyone I meet who may welcome of a moment of self-compassion.  The bracelet reminds us to ask "What's the Kindest thing I can do for myself right now?"  I regularly offer 8 week MSC courses in the London Borough of Sutton, throughout the year. I run 5 Day Intensives in Sussex, Australia and London.  I provide 1 day and 2-day workshops for corporate and specialists care-giving organisations.  I also offer 1-day Self-Care and Self-Compassion Retreats. I have recently launched an online Self-Compassion Book Club to support Grads and newbies alike, to help explore MSC through the fabulous new MSC Workbook.   I am honoured to support and work in partnership with The Sutton Women's Centre and The Museum of Happiness, London.    I have spoken about MSC at The London Mindful Living Show, The City of Maroondah Communities of Well-Being, Australia; The Directors of NursingNHS South-East Conference;  "Mindfest" in collaboration with Dorking MindsHigh Down HM Prison Well-Being Day; Epsom Mental Health and Well-Being Festival, Aureus School Mental Health Well-Being Conference and The Youth Mental Health & Well-Being Teach-Meet to name a few.    In January 2019 I was commissioned to introduce MSC to all the schools within the City of Maroondah. (Melbourne) Theses introductory workshops for Senior Leaders, teachers and support staff dovetailed MSC skills with their Positive Education Initiative.    In my desire to reach out to the world, I also offer "MSC Bitesize" as a Facebook Live each week. This is my way to warmly disseminate 'Mindful Self-Compassion in everyday life' in easy to digest, bite-size chunks!  You are warmly invited to join in the conversation...  I continue to explore ways in which I can make MSC more easily accessible in every-day life, especially to our beautiful, precious youth.  I am truly blessed to continue my MSC adventure alongside many extraordinary teachers.  I bow humbly and with deep gratitude to each and every person who has, and continues to guide my practice.  May we all be joyful, satisfied and peaceful inside our own skin xxx 
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Self-Compassion ONLINE Book Club – 12 Weekly Sessions – MSC GRADUATE Programme

£ 197 - 247


Self-Compassion for the Time-Starved – Online Lunch & Learn – 6 Weeks (SC-MSC 2.0)

£ 150 - 195


The Official Mindful Self-Compassion Course – 8 Week ONLINE Training (MSC 19.0)

£ 250-350


Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Silent Retreat – (MSCSR 7.0) – 5 Days – ONLINE – August 2021

£ 295 - 350


Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Silent Retreat – (MSCSR 6.0) – 5 Days – ONLINE – April 2021

£ 350


Mail : kathryn@kindmindacademy.com

Phone : +44 7941 247 460

Web : http://www.kindmindacademy.com

Location : London Borough of Sutton

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